When you decide that you want to take control of your own life and stop depending on the corporate power grid to provide you with the energy you need, you are going to have to find a way to generate electricity. There are a number of reasons why so many people are making the move toward energy independence, including emergency preparation, monetary savings, and environmental concerns, and this movement has created an ever increasing demand for free energy generators. This growing demand has resulted in easier and more affordable access to free energy power generation, and this technology is now something that just about any homeowner can afford.

The Internet has made the exchange of information pertaining to free energy generators possible, and you can now find the plans and materials that you need to build your own solar, wind, or electromagnetic generator online. Those who say that “nothing is free” simply have not done their research. Yes, of course there is a nominal initial investment involved, and if you want to build a homemade generator, it will require some time and effort as well. But when you generate electricity using the power of the sun, wind, and/or electromagnetic energy, the move toward independence begins to pay for itself immediately.

There are cutting edge companies in most communities who understand how to transition your property off the grid and install your free energy generator for you, and this is one possibility. But you can also find materials, plans, and even kits for building a free magnetic or wind energy generator on the Internet. It is a great feeling to turn on the lights and realize that you are getting that power for free and not doing any harm to the environment, and now that the technology is there we can all get off the grid and start to enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with a lifetime of energy independence.

The high cost of electricity has a lot of people wondering if it is really possible to generate electricity on your own, for free, and when you do the research you find that it is indeed possible, and many people are already doing it. The availability of solar power is something that most of us are aware of, and solar is a great alternative, but in most areas it is not a comprehensive solution because it is not always sunny. So to generate electricity in quantities sufficient to meet all of your power needs, you may need to use a combination of energy generators that includes magnetic and wind power generators.

There was a time when these alternative methods for generating energy were expensive and hard to find, but as time has progressed the technologies have really come down within reach of most homeowners. Wind power generators can actually be easily constructed by most people, and when you think about it, most of us just watch the wind blowing the leaves around the yard without putting two and two together and recognizing that this breeze can be harnessed and turned into usable power. Another type of device that enables ordinary people to generate electricity for free is the electromagnetic generator, and these units are now being widely marketed already constructed, and there are plans available for building them yourself.

Most people know that there are free energy generators out there, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that they are affordable and easy to get up and running. There is no reason to pay a big power monopoly for something that we can get for free, and when you do the research, it is encouraging to see that we do indeed have choices. If you do your homework and make a small investment, you can put an end to those monthly power bills while doing your part to help improve the environment in the process.

A lot of people are interested in alternative ways to generate electricity, and for many of them the primary motivation is economic. When you sit down to sort out your monthly bills and take a look at your income compared to the money that you have to pay out, it can be a sobering experience for many of us. In the current economy there just isn’t a lot of opportunity for growth, and the high unemployment makes it hard to go looking for a better paying job. This being the case, the best way to increase your disposable income without getting a raise is to decrease your expenses.

If you were to generate your own electricity and eliminate your power bill, you would immediately give yourself a hefty economic lift, and this is something that more and more homeowners are doing. There are many different ways to generate electricity for free, and it is surprisingly affordable to build your own homemade generator. There are a number of different ways to generate electricity in a clean and sustainable manner, and one of them that is very widely used is the wind electric generator. These are very simple to build, and the materials that you need are readily available online if you can’t find them locally.

Another type of free energy generator that is making its way into the public consciousness is the magnetic generator. These units generate electricity using the same principles that were put forth by the famed inventor Nikola Tesla as early as the latter portion of the 19th century. These technologies are proven, and when you take advantage of them, you can save yourself a lot of money. The information is our there, and the only thing that you need to do to get started is take that first step and make a personal commitment to your own personal energy independence via free energy power generation.

Since you hear so much about the new green technologies that make it simple and affordable to generate electricity in an efficient and sustainable manner, it is natural to assume that the big power companies use sustainable sources of energy. However, the true fact of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth. The burning of coal is used to provide half of the electricity that they sell us, and natural gas, petroleum and nuclear power makes up just about all of the rest. This is mind boggling considering the availability of hydroelectric power (this accounts for just 6% of the overall electricity generated), solar, tide, electromagnetic and wind power generators.

When you ask yourself why the big electric monopolies don’t shift focus and build the infrastructure that it would take to provide the world with clean and sustainable energy, the answer is obvious: money. If the grid was powered by free sources of energy, the power companies would not be able to charge us anywhere near what we are paying now. Due to the fact that lobbyists for these companies essentially write the laws that govern the industry, we will never see the grid itself go green. But we do have alternatives, and we need to start taking advantage of them.

We can all generate electricity on our own using renewable sources, and nowadays there are a number of different sets of plans and kits available that enable ordinary homeowners to build their own solar, electromagnetic or wind generators. You can also purchase a free a energy generator fully assembled, and if you feel like you need the help of an expert, there are tradesmen in most communities who can help you install a free energy generator and get you off the grid for good. The time has come to take action and generate electricity the right way and save a small fortune while doing our part to leave our children and grandchildren with a sustainable future.

When you take a few minutes to do the research and find out how the big power monopolies generate electricity, it is really kind of shocking, and it is not good news for future generations. Nearly half of the fuel that is used to generate electricity comes from the burning of coal. Around 20% comes from mining natural gas, and 20% comes from nuclear power plants that create radioactive waste that, for all intents and purposes, stays around forever. Petroleum accounts for 1% and conventional hydroelectric plants provide just over 6%. Believe it or not, right now, in 2010, less than 5% of the energy that the big power companies sell us comes from “other sources,” i.e. solar, magnetic, and wind electric generators.

It is very obvious to most people who do not have a financial interest in big energy companies that coal mining and burning is not good for the environment. Natural gas is cleaner than coal, but it too brings a host of environmental damage with it. But aside from the harm that digging up and consuming these fossil fuels does to our shared ecosystem, there is another big problem with them–they are finite resources. Plus, though they do generate energy, it requires a lot of energy to extract them, greatly lessening the net gain they provide.

It is very clear that the way we generate energy today is incredibly inefficient and archaic. Sustainable sources of energy, like solar, wind, and electromagnetic generators are available, but the big corporations don’t want them. Why is that? Because if you knew that they were getting the power for free, they couldn’t charge much for it, it’s as simple as that. The only solution is to purchase or build your own free energy generator, and many people are doing just that and saving thousands of dollars per year. If we want our children and grandchildren to have a future, we need to begin to generate electricity efficiently in a clean and sustainable manner, and the only way that is going to happen is if we take matters into our own hands and take advantage of the green technologies that are readily available to all of us.